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My Cards | Debit Card Management

Our new debit card management tool is a digital solution that integrates directly with NPESB’s Mobile Banking App to deliver a seamless digital experience for consumer debit cards. Therefore, it is easy to access and offers a multitude of debit card management functions that offers control, convenience and transparency across the card lifecycle.

If you have not downloaded our Mobile Banking App, it is easy to get started. Simply search Nekoosa Port Edwards Bank in the Google Play or App Store. Once the App is downloaded on your phone or tablet, login using your Online Banking credentials.

Once you have downloaded and logged in to NPESB’s Mobile Banking App, navigate to “My Cards” to access all the debit card features, all from within the NPESB Mobile Banking App.

Please note that users will have to enroll in Online Banking before logging in to the Mobile Banking App.

With your new and improved debit card experience, you can:

Feel more empowered.

Control your cards on your terms. Turn your cards on/off at your discretion. Set spending limits based on location, amount, merchant type and transaction type. Create travel plan notifications.

Discover more convenience.

Enhanced features enable a smoother user experience. Enjoy 24/7 access to your cards. Access card credentials without needing your physical card. Activate cards within the Mobile App.

Find more clarity.

Gain total transparency into every transaction with clear merchant names. View merchant name, logo, exact location on map and contact information. View spend by what, when and where.

Feel more secure.

Use your card confidently. Report lost or stolen cards in a couple of clicks. Immediately turn off a lost or stolen card. Keep in constant communication with your financial institution with two-way fraud alert.


Our enhanced card management options allow you to:
• Lock/unlock your cards
• Limit transactions by location, merchant, transaction type or dollar amount
• View subscriptions tied to a card and see where cards are stored online
• Stay informed with alerts
• View your spending via easy-to-read graphs
• Get in-depth transaction details
• Report lost or stolen cards
• Quickly identify and report fraudulent transactions
• Set up and manage travel plans
• Activate your card when it arrives

No, only our institution’s credit/debit cards are supported.

Yes, multiple cards from our institution can be accessed via one Mobile Banking account.

No, the card will be automatically updated within our Mobile Banking app.

Verify in your App Store that you have the most current version of our app installed. If an update is needed, you will see “Update” in the App Store.


Transactions made with your debit card(s) are enriched and displayed. Other transactions such as teller transactions, wire transfers, and payments made via Bill Pay and ACH are not included.
Enriched data includes the merchant’s name, logo, address and more.

Yes, the app shows the last 50 card-based transactions posted within the last 30 days.

Sometimes a merchant will pre-authorize the card for an amount that may be more than the spend limit you allow on the card. In this case, your card will be denied.

“Recurring Payments” are those payments that happen repeatedly on a schedule, for example, streaming subscriptions, cellular bills, or other monthly bills you pay with your card. “Card on File” is a list of merchants who store your card information for future purchases, like online retailers or delivery apps.

Select the transaction to view its details. If it was an in-person transaction, you should see a Google Map of the actual location the transaction took place. If you still don’t recognize the purchase, you can reach out to the merchant from the phone number listed on this screen.
If you still do not know, please call Operations at (715) 886-3104

Controls & Alerts

Via our Mobile app, you can lock or unlock your card if you suspect fraud or misplace your card. You can even report lost and/or stolen cards without ever having to call a customer service number. Even limit transactions by location, merchant, and transaction type to control how your card is used. Plus, set up alerts to stay informed.

Yes. International transactions can be blocked under location controls. All transactions outside of your specified country of residence will be blocked.

Previously authorized recurring payments will not be affected by the card controls.

Alerts are sent as push notifications on your device. The alerts will also appear under “Messages” in the app.

Yes, an alert will be sent for all international transactions, whether they are allowed or denied.

Yes, the low balance alert is controlled on a cardholder level.

Additional Features

If your card was damaged, follow the instructions under “Replace Card.”
To report a lost or stolen card, follow the instructions under “Report Lost or Stolen.”

Yes! Your debit card will be pre-loaded into your NPESB Mobile Banking App. Once you receive your physical card, login to the App to activate your new debit card.

The app allows you to set two travel plans at a time with a maximum duration of 150 days. If your trip exceeds this or you are traveling more than two times, you will need to update the app after each trip or after 150 days.